Foreco, innovative in wood

Foreco Dalfsen B.V. (Foreco), innovators in timber, is a family owned firm in the field of timber products with a history of over 30 years. The company is active in the field of wood protection and sustainable development. Within several national and international networks the company has managed to make a significant contribution to the development of award-winning new technologies for wood protection and wood modification. Research & Development activities include participation in EU research projects in the EU’s Fifth (FP5), Sixth (FP6) and Seventh (FP7) Framework Programme.

High-quality wooden facade

Foreco has different techniques to improve the quality of wood. We have a wide range of products that can lift a building to a higher level with a beautiful facade that will last for years.

Ground-, Road- and hydraulic engineering

Foreco is a supplier and producer of woodsolutions in Ground, Road and hydraulic engineering. With our deep knowledge about timber, our stock of over 15.000m3, and our wide range of machinery we can deliver you the product that is needed for your project.

Durability, quality and guarantee

Sustainability is written in our dna. Therefore we think it is imporatant to supply our rcustomers with responsible sources timber with a FSC® or a PEFC certificate. In addition, Foreco has the option of granting project guarantees with strict conditions for the benefit of the owner of the guaranteed project through an independent guarantee fund (SGVH).

A beautiful spot in the middle of the forest

Foreco is located in the Netherlands for over 30 years. Foreco stands for a long history and experience in wooden craftmanship, knowledge and skills. We want to inspire architects and let them see all the beautiful things you could create with wood.

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For more information you could check our catalogues of the different products. If you have any questions we would like to help you.