About Foreco

About Foreco


Foreco was officially founded in 1983 as a result from a management buyout by the current owner and two colleagues. Previously it was part of “de Nederlandsche Heidemaatschappij” a state owned company, later known as Arcadis. Over the years the company has developed new activities concerning the application of wood.

Mission and Vision

Foreco wants to significantly improve the opportunities and increase the value of wood products through initiating and facilitating development and implementation of new technologies. Our focus is on high-quality and innovative products based on sustainable procurement activities and new technologies for wood protection and wood modification. Foreco strives to significantly improve technical and ecological aspects of wood products in close cooperation within several national and international innovation networks. The success of the company is built on integrating technology, driving innovation and cooperation within the timber industry.


Foreco is a family owned company and the shares are held by Steward Holding B.V., which also holds the shares of IJreka Playgrounds and Foreco Timber Constructions. Management and administrative activities are concentrated in Foreco, which support the other companies. IJreka Playgrounds is responsible for all activities concerning development, production and sales of products for recreational areas and playgrounds. Foreco Timber Constructions in Noordeloos applies wood products in renovation and building projects.