Co-oporation with Norwegian partner Bare Tre

Co-oporation with Norwegian partner Bare Tre

Co-oporation with Norwegian partner Bare Tre

Foreco signs agreement for NobelWood distribution in Norway with Bare Tre

Foreco is delighted to announce that Bare Tre (only tree) in Norway will start sales and marketing activities of NobelWood® (FRX). The partnership will focus on the introduction of NobelWood® as an alternative for tropical hardwood. With a new fire-retardant product named NobelWood FRX it will provide a unique offer. NobelWood® is a newly developed product based on the fastest growing pine and a bio-resin based on agricultural waste (bagasse). Bare Tre will look for new opportunities with NobelWood® and other opportunities in the group, such as IJreka Playgrounds.

Bare Tre and Foreco

The Norwegian company Bare Tre and the Dutch company Foreco are partners to introduce NobelWood FRX to the Norwegian market. The fire retardant treatment can also be used on other kinds of timbers (labelled SafeWood FRX) to provide a variety of products for the new market. Bare Tre will focus on timber cladding materials with Euroclass B-S1,d0 based on a weather resistant polymer treatment.

alternative for tropical hardwood

Based on wood modification Foreco introduced NobelWood®, an award-winning alternative for tropical hardwood. During a development and testing period of over 10 years, Foreco has managed to position the product in the Netherlands. A variety of award winning project have been realized over the past years, and several architects recognize the unique possibilities with NobelWood®.

NobelWood is an attractive alternative to tropical hardwood made from the fastest-growing pine wood on earth and agricultural waste (bagasse). The timber from sustainable managed forests is fully impregnated with bio-polymers from bagasse to create a high quality alternative for tropical hardwood. Testing shows the resulting NobelWood has a durability class I.

100% renewable building material

The Dutch institute for building and ecology (NIBE) performed an indicative assessment to determine the environmental impact of NobelWood. They concluded that usage of bio-polymerized wood has less impact on the environment than comparable building solution and awarded Foreco with their trademark DUBOkeur. 

DUBOkeur is a classification in which different products are compared with each other. It is based on calculation with scientific Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data.

NobelWood FRX for fire safe solutions

In cooperation with Arch Timber Protection, Foreco has developed timber products which comply with the current fire safety regulations. With NobelWood FRX Foreco offers the opportunity to apply a weatherproof fire retardant without losing the natural appearance. The fire retardant gives protection according to B-S1, d0.

This material does not need maintenance or a coating so it can be applied to cladding projects without risks. The lack of maintenance requirements provides financial benefits on the long term. Besides that it offers insurance companies and fire services the warranty the timber is in accordance with the Construction Products Regulations, even on the long term.

Extensively tested

The technology for NobelWood FRX has an impressive 40-year track record of proven stability and safety in numerous significant projects. The technology has been independently tested and comprehensively certified. The UK Wood Protection Association (WPA) has recognised it as the only Approved-status leach resistant, fire retardant treatment for timber.

For more information please contact KlaasJan Swager, marketing director of Foreco. Tel. +31 529 43 1548, email:

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Espen Nøkleby Rustestuen (left) of Bare Tre with KlaasJan Swager of Foreco