Wood modification with wood

FaunaWood is developed as an alternative to fence posts of  tropical hardwood, treated timber with for example creosote and non-timber products such as plastics, steel and concrete. Through the innovative technology with biobased chemistry from wood residues and plant waste (bagasse) the poles are modified with a biobased resin. This makes it a more environmental friendly product than the alternatives.

Biobased and circular

FaunaWood is a fully recyclable alternative to tropical hardwood made possible by the development of a new technique in which wood residues are converted into a raw material for biobased chemistry. This pyrolysis technique makes raw material for bioresin of wood residues. Normally plant waste or fossil oil is used as raw material. This development creates the opportunity to use an old FaunaWood pole as input for the bio-based resin than can be used to produce a new FaunaWood pole.

100% wood solution

FaunaWood fencing is debarked pine with a natural aesthetic appearance that fits well with the surrounding nature of highways. The products are sourced from sustainable managed forests in Europe with a FSC® or PEFC certificate. FaunaWood is in good balance with the service life of supplementary products such as fencing mesh and fixing materials. Formally timber would not have had a preference, but because of this perfect fit in durability FaunaWood is an excellent choice for these applications.

Efficient use of timber

Waste by milling is prevented by using debarked poles and therefore wood is used more efficient. FaunaWood encourages the use of locally harvested timber resulting in a reduced dependence on a limited supply of specific species or products. This means pressure on tropical forests is decreased. Besides that CO2 emissions will decline due to the uptake and storage of this greenhouse gas in FaunaWood instead of emitting it while producing less environmental friendly alternatives.

FaunaWood 100% circulair wood product for infrastructural projects.

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