NobelWood has been developed to supply the growing demand for tropical hardwood in a sustainable way. Through an innovative technology with biobased chemistry the fastest growing pinewood in the world is modified. The timber is enhances with the look and durability of tropical hardwood.



The timber is fully impregnated to the core with water soluble biopolymers in a high pressure treatment plant. These biopolymers are made from bagasse (an agricultural waste product from sugar cane harvest). The treatment with these fluids results in a gold brown color.


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For the wood modification technique agricultural waste is used. Useful application of these crop residues prevent emission of CO2 due to burning. Besides that trees take up CO2 during their growth. This way NobelWood contributes to solving the climate change problem.

Maintenance free

NobelWood is an environmentally friendly product with an exclusive, natural look for high-quality façade applications and has a long service life. It can be applied as a façade material, where it will serve at least 50 years without the need for maintenance.

Unique natural weathering

Due to UV in sunlight there is a beautiful gradual weathering process from golden brown to silver grey. This homogenous colorization is one of the unique features of NobelWood. This is caused by the selection of knot-free timber and an equally divided bio-resin in the wood. 

NobelWood Equal Weathering

Architects have more creative freedom with NobelWood equal weathering. The treatment immediately imitates the natural appearance of weathered timber. This means there are no colour differences at designs with for example an overhang. In time the equal weathering coating will degrade, and the timber will be exposed. Simultaneously the exposed timber will weather naturally due to UV in sunlight. This transition results in an evenly weathered appearance of the timber at all time. 

NobelWood FRX

NobelWood FRX (Fire retardant exterior) is a unique combination of weatherproof, maintenance free, fire retardant timber with a durability class I. The colourless FRX treatment maintains the natural appearance of the timber.



NobelWood Color

NobelWood Color offers a wide range of diversity in colours with multiple coating systems. Varying with a smooth or face band sawn surface offers difference in look and feel of the timber.

15 years
Facade, platform, Storage, Pergola's
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