SafeWood has been developed to create opportunities for timber materials to be applied in the building industry where fire safety plays an important role. The development of fire retardant treatments make it possible to apply timber as internal claddings and linings with a fire class of Euro class B.



SafeWood is on-hychroscopic and resistant to humid environments up to 90%. Therefore this product is excellent suitable for humid environments like swimmingpools or public spaces. In the Olympic swim stadion in London SafeWood has been applied in the ceiling

Euro class B fire safety level

SafeWood is fully tested in accordance with the most up to date European Standards (Euro classes) on the Construction Products Directive and classified in accordance with EN-13501-1. A fire performance of Euro class B has been achieved. 

When exposed to fire counteractive elements in the timber react with combustible gases and tar elements that normally range free in untreated timber. These are converted to char, carbon dioxide and water. The layer of char that is formed isolates and slows the burning process.

Freedom in design

SafeWood Color offers achitects more possibilities and freedom in their designs by offering a wide range of colors. SafeWood Color can be applied in both interior and exterior applications. 

Exterior application

When SafeWood is applied as an exterior product it needs a coating of Firestain. This coating als has a classification of Euro class B and is therefore complementary to SafeWood. The protective layer of the coating keeps the fire retardant elements safely in the timber, and prevents any leaching. 

Circulair timber projects

SafeWood fits excellent in circulairity projects where materials are being reused. The timber will be treated with the SafeWood solution and receives an Euro class B level. Then these timbers can be applied in new building projects. For example the cheese boards that have been reallocated as interior cladding in Gouda.  

SafeWood FRX

Another fire retardant product is SafeWood FRX. This product is based on a treatment with polymers where the fire retardant elements are fixated in the timber. Therefore SafeWood FRX is maintenance free for exterior applications. 

15 years
Esthetically maintenance:
Wood types:
Pine, Pine, Siberian larch, Western Red Cedar
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