SafeWood FRX

SafeWood FRX


Fire retardant

An innovative polymer technology ensures that the fire retardant elements do not leach from the timber. When exposed to fire counteractive elements in the timber react with combustible gases and tar elements that normally range free in untreated timber. These are converted to char, carbon dioxide and water. The layer of char that formed isolates and slows the burning process. For façade applications a Euro class B certificate has been achieved; the best possible fire class rating for timber products. 

Maintenance free

Since the fire retardant elements are fixed in the timber the treatment is weatherproof. No rain, sun or wind will reduce the fire safety of the timber. It offers unique opportunities for timber to be applied where no maintenance or coatings are preferred. SafeWood FRX is in accordance with the Construction Products Directive during the whole service life. 

Colorless treatment

The treatment with FRX does not have an affect on the color of the timber. The natural look of the timber in conserved and the grain structure stays beatufully visible. 

Independently tested

There is a track record with the used technology of over 40 years with proven stability and safety in Western Europe and the United States. It is fully tested in accordance with the most up to date European Standards (Euroclasses) on the Construction Products Directive and classified in accordance with EN-13501-1.  It is listed in the UK WPA Fire Retardant Manual as a leach resistant industrial treatment for exterior timbers.

SafeWood FRX
15 years
Esthetically maintenance:
Wood types:
Pine, Pine, Siberian larch, Western Red Cedar
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