Perfect for applications in water

TwinWood is a combination of softwood and hardwood connected through a finger joint. It can be applied as sheet piling, scaffolding pole and bollard. TwinWood is sustainable and has a good price. The smart combination of hard- and softwood guarantees a high constructive strength and long service life. This makes TwinWood a perfect choice for application in water.

Finger joint offers strong and durable solution

The part of TwinWood that remains under the water level is softwood, pine. The upper part is hardwood. As long as the softwood is not in contact with oxygen, so under the water level, it will not perish. Hardwood is applied at the water level and above, because there timber is more vulnerable for decay. Hardwood is very sustainable and will have a long service live even in these tough conditions. By connecting the two types of timber with a strong finger joint a sustainable and strong products is created.  

Save on tropical hardwood with TwinWood

TwinWood consists of 80% softwood and 20% hardwood. Since softwood is cheaper than hardwood TwinWood is economically interesting. Besides that, it saves the use of limited available hardwood. Also it is more light in weight, easy to apply and available in several sizes.

Port, platform, Bank protection, Landing stage
Esthetically maintenance: