WaxedWood has been developed to lift timber products to a higher level of durability and aestetic properties. It offers high end timber products that have had a preservative treatment with a water repellent. 


Maintenance free

The water repellent additive of the preservative treatment provides extra protection against moisture and reduces the maintenance requirements. WaxedWood can be applied without a coating and no maintenance is needed. 

Unique color transformation

The WaxedWood treatment with the timber species Siberian Larch results in a beautiful color transformation. The timber starts with a natural pale green color and shifts to a warm rich brown color. Eventually it will gradually weather to a grey color. 


Exclusive brown color

WaxedWood Gold has been developed to offer the beneficial characteristics of WaxedWood combined with a natural brown color. During the treatment process a brown pigment is added which results in an exclusive look for WaxedWood Gold. 

WaxedWood Vintage

WaxedWood offers numerous color possibilities based of different coating systems. A special coating system results in WaxedWood Vintage; the coating imitates an authentic vintage look for brand new timber. 

WaxedWood Color

Architects are provided with the possibility to use color in projects, based on the WaxedWood Color program. It offers a range of natural colors and possibility of all RAL-colors. 

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In a modern application facility a coating is applied. The coating used for WaxedWood® color is a water based system with a proven combination of oil-modified waterborne binders. The system weathers slowly and evenly over its surface and can be easily overcoated with minimum preparation. It provides a robust protection against UV degradation. With a transparent system it is possible to accentuate the natural appearance of the selected wood products. This offers a unique appearance related to the selected wood species


The combination of high quality timber with the patented preservation treatment ensures good performance. WaxedWood makes it possible for Foreco to offer warranties for 15 years. The warranty is issued by an independent organisation; the SGVH.

15 years
Facade, platform, Storage
Esthetically maintenance:
Wood types:
Pine, Pine, Siberian larch, Western Red Cedar