WaxedWood Gold

WaxedWood Gold


Exclusive brown color

WaxedWood Gold immediately has the exclusive brown color similar to expensive (hard)wood species. This offers opportunities where this brown color is desirable, but one does not want to coat the timber. 

High quality cladding

WaxedWood Gold provides extra protection against the effects of weathering for highly visible and decorative timbers. Based on a vacuum pressure treatment timber is protected against wood decay. Selection of high quality timbers from pine, Siberian larch and Western Red Cedar result in a high quality timber product. 

Maintenance free

The combination of the selected timber products results in a beautiful appearance without the need for maintenance. This will save time and efforts in the long term. 


The combination of high quality timber with the patented preservation treatment ensures good performance. WaxedWood Gold makes it possible for Foreco to offer warrantees for 25 years. The warrantee is issued by an independent organisation; the SGVH.  

WaxedWood Gold
25 years
Facade, Storage
Esthetically maintenance:
Wood types:
Pine, Siberian larch, Western Red Cedar
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