Forrest villa NobelWood

Forrest villa NobelWood

Modern biobased villa

The villa has a special design because of the straight lines used to give the building a modern appearance. However, by using timber cladding the villa still fits perfectly in the surrounding area. The estate on which the house has been build is rich in forests and fields. Timber cladding and nine meters wide windows connect the house and its residents with the surrounding natural environment.

Timber roof

Besides cladding material NobelWood also has been applied at the roof of the villa. It looks like one big timber volume. In total the villa has an surface of 290 m2. The timber is in size 18 x 110 mm with sharp corners. 

At this moment the villa still has the warm brown appearance of new NobelWood. However, after one year the timber will be weathered to a silver grey color. For NobelWood only homogeneous timber is selected so the process of the changing color will be evenly, without stains. 


Sustainable alternative for tropical hardwood

NobelWood is an alternative for tropical hardwood made from fast growing pinewood. The timber is modified with biopolymers from waste of sugarcanes. Therefore the product is 100% biological, while earning a durability of class 1. Instead of a couple of years NobelWood can last for 50 years, without the need for maintenance.

Forrest villa NobelWood
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Open façade, Vertical façade
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Architect of project
Architect Eigen Huis
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