Cheese warehouse appartments

Circular economy

The Cheese warehouse Gouda is a national monument. The last 100 years it functioned as a cheese warehouse. After they found a new location to produce Gouda cheese the warehouse was left empty, but his year the cheese warehouse has been rebuild to 52 lofts. This project is special because of the circular economy; a lot of products  of the old warehouse are reused to keep the buildings  unique identity. One of those products is used for the interior cladding of the galleries.

Old cheese shelves made fire retardant

In the warehouse were many timber shelves where the round cheeses were stocked. The architect decided to reuse these shelves in the building since it had a characteristic look. The print of the cheeses on the shelves is still visible. However, first they did not meet the requirements of fire safety. SafeWood® brought the solution in this matter. The cheese shelves were treated with the fire retardant solution, so they could meet Euroclass B and fulfil the regulations. Because of the reused cheese shelves the link to the old cheese warehouse is kept visible

Cheese warehouse appartments
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Business premises
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