Timber parkingspot in style
Timber parkingspot in style
Timber parkingspot in style
Timber parkingspot in style
Timber parkingspot in style
Timber parkingspot in style

Wooden eye catcher

In the centre of the Dutch town Zutphen a new parking garage has been built, right next to the central station. The architect of MoederscheimMoonen Architects was inspired by the history of the region. The city used to be a Hanseatic city, a centre of trade with many warehouses to stock goods. The new building for parking has the shape of one of those warehouses, but with a modern wooden façade. Real eye catchers are the two spirals an the end of the building. Here the cars can drive to the upper levels

Playful and safe timber façade

The cladding consists of 24 km SafeWood Pine in the dimensions 50x100 mm. They are mounted on the building as a plank and as a slat. The pattern is variable so the façade has a playful exterior. Besides the timber slats the façade also has orange aluminium slats and LED lightning. The combination of materials and colours creates a spectacular building, especially at night.

Weatherproof and maintenance free

To be able to comply with the building regulations the timber is treated with a fire retardant solution. Foreco has treated the pine with a high pressure impregnation which is fixed in the wood. It means the timber has Euroclass B without the need for maintenance. Even in a situation where the timber is exposed to sun and rain at all times the timber keeps the fire retardant property. The use of this timber assures the façade of the building remains safe.

Timber parkingspot in style
Object type:
Parking garage
Facade types:
Vertical façade, Open façade
Gevelspecialisten afdeling Bouw
Architect of project
MoederscheimMoonen architects
Fotograaf of project
Harry Noback Architectuurfotografie