Villa Suikerkamp

Monumental estate

On a monumental estate right next to the famous Keukenhof in the Netherlands a new villa has been built. The shape of the villa seems like to barns put together when you look at the simple shape of the building. However it may seem simple, the architect has used some smart solution to make the building look lean and straightforward. All the details like rainwater drainage are hidden behind the timber façade.

The architect Cees van der Mark chose a timber façade to connect the building with the surrounding trees. As with the trees the timber cladding is vertically, but varies in width of the planks. The warm brown timber look will eventually fade to a grey colour, but this will take at least several years.

Fire safe alternative for tropical hardwood

The chosen timber is NobelWood FRX. NobelWood is a biologically modified timber based on fast growing pine wood and bio-based resin from agricultural waste. With a high pressure treatment the timber is impregnated which results in a wood product with a durability class I, comparable with (tropical) hardwood. The FRX stands for Fire Retardant Exterior. NobelWood has been given a second treatment to make the timber fire retardant. This treatment offers the opportunity to use the timber in exterior application without the need for maintenance.

NobelWood FRX is a unique combination of a timber with durability class I and maintenance free fire retardant timber according to Euroclass B.

Unique fixing system of Derako

Besides the choice for a unique timber, the architect truly wanted the villa to look lean and simple with advanced techniques. Therefore he has chosen to fix the timber on the façade with the system of Derako.

The Derako façade system consists of wooden slats that are fitted invisibly by means of the unique Derako fixing system. Black anodised aluminium profiles are cut out to measure, for fixing the patented stainless steel clips. The entire attachment process takes place on the reverse side of the wood so no nails are visible.

Villa Suikerkamp
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Open façade, Vertical façade
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